Our Services

We offer an extensive range of services that constantly evolve and grow with our clients’ needs. From international and domestic shipping to expedite shipping and warehousing & crating, we provide an efficient, full-service solution that allows our clients to simplify the shipping process.
  • Shipping
  • Full-Service Packaging & Warehousing
  • Full-Service Consulting (Insurance)


Logistics Express offers an extensive list of shipping solutions to safely and efficiently transport your goods. Whether you are shipping domestic, international or expedited, we have a simple solution designed to meet your unique business needs.
  • International
  • Domestic
  • Expedited and Hot Shots

International Shipping

International shipping is a fast-paced, constantly evolving industry. New rules and regulations from a host of entities create challenges by governing what, where and how a business can ship commodities on a daily basis. Logistics Express remains up to date on the latest laws governing the transportation of all types of goods. Our intensive training program and experience keep you updated on changes in the industry while keeping the supply chain intact. Logistics Express involvement in various trade organizations such as the Transportation Intermediary Association (TIA) and several other networks which links us to many service providers throughout the globe. Logistics Express is happy to help you navigate your way through the world of international shipping.

Your Domestic Shipping Partner

Logistics Express simplifies domestic (NAFTA) shipping through the following services:
  • Door to Door
  • LTL
  • FTL
  • Custom Shipping
  • Consignee Routed

Expedited Shipping and Hot Shots

Logistics Express understands the importance of quick, efficient shipping. Through our experience, vendor contacts and dedication to customer satisfaction, we provide the following expedited shipping options:
  • Hot-Shots on Demand
  • Industrial Expedited Delivery
  • Overnight and Same Day Air Freight

Full-Service Packaging & Warehousing

Logistics Express offers a wide range of packaging solutions designed to fit your specific needs. Logistics Express also offers a variety of long-term and short-term storage solutions in any of our warehouses.
  • Packaging & Crating
  • J.I.T./Warehousing

Packaging and Crating

Logistics Express offers a wide range of packaging and crating services designed to meet the needs of your business. With our years of experience, our packaging engineers have the ability to crate goods of all sizes, ranging from your smallest, fragile packages to your large industrial equipment.


  • 15-ton capacity bridge cranes
  • 1-ton capacity “swing-boom” cranes
  • Full time packaging engineers
  • Off-site packaging available in select locations
  • Insurance, bonded agents
  • Premium quality minimum of 3/4" inch plywood for domestic crating and we meet all
  • crating requirements for international shipping
  • Up to date international shipping requirements, including China
  • Load, block and brace ocean containers and flat racks
  • Domestic or export crating

Custom Solutions

We custom design any package, such as:
  • Pallet Boxes
  • Helicopter pallets
  • Heavy duty skidding
  • Shock absorbent boxes and skids
  • Slat crates
  • Vapor barrier bags
  • Tip and Tell notifies our clients that their freight has been handled to their specification


Just In Time (J.I.T.) is a concept that helps those who are not able to warehouse product needed for their assembly. We manage and warehouse these products needed for manufacturing and deliver it Just In Time for assembly, thus saving time and money. Logistics Express warehousing solutions are strategically located to reach most destinations J.I.T. We have carefully designed long-term and short-term storage solutions to offer our clients flexibility to optimize their cost savings and minimize their liability.


  • Facilities in excess of one million square feet
  • Environmentally-controlled facilities
  • Truck docks / indoor docks
  • Ground level access
  • Secured lots for outdoor storage
  • Bridge cranes in excess of 15 ton capacity
  • One-ton capacity “swing-boom” cranes
  • Various ceiling heights
  • Fully insured and secured premises
  • TSA regulated secure air cargo space
  • TSA / FAA inspections (site visits) and documentation for registering as a known shipper

Full-Service Consulting

Logistics Express can assist your company with the additional services necessary for efficiently shipping your goods.
  • Custom Insurance Coverage
  • Documentation & Information Management
  • Supply Chain Management